Born in Montreal,
Corner Collection believes feel-good moments are the essence of living.

Satisfy your taste buds with delectable dishes, please your eyes with memorable sights, snuggle down in luxurious touches, soak in the scents that surround you, and get lost in the sounds of immersive music.

Hôtel Nelligan and
Hôtel Place d'Armes ranked Best City Hotels in Canada

We are delighted to announce that Hotel Nelligan has been ranked Canada's Best City Hotel, while Hotel Place d'Armes has taken 2nd place in the prestigious Travel & Leisure - Best Awards 2023.

Why Corner

Three years after immigrating from Greece, Tony Antonopoulos opened his first restaurant in Old Montreal named "Le Coin" on August 4, 1973. His brother Costa joined him in 1976, and together they developed a hospitality business that has thrived for over 45 years, known until recently as Groupe Antonopoulos. In 2022, Tony entrusted the continuation of his part of the business to his 4 children; Dina, Anna, Dimitri & Maria. Corner is “Coin” in french, a meaningful way to pay homage to their father’s work. Funny enough, every establishment in the group is situated on a street corner. Coincidence? Or is it because corners always have much better views? You tell us.

This is only the beginning of our big adventure, so stay tuned
for more exciting news about Corner Collection’s development.